Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine is the healing art practiced in accordance with the philosophical constructs of Naturopathic traditions and modern science to facilitate the innate healing ability of the body. Naturopathic Doctors who have completed a specific curriculum outlined by the NMI earn the credential, VNMI (Vitalist of the Naturopathic Medicine Institute). The VNMI indicates an understanding and practice of the clinical application of the healing arts and sciences of Vitalism.

The goals of the NMI are to:

  • Train physicians to achieve the highest ideals in medicine,
  • Create clinical Centers of Excellence that demonstrate the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine, and
  • Inspire, through public education, an understanding that safe, effective natural methods of achieving optimal health will improve health care.

In order to facilitate the first goal, we welcome Naturopathic Doctors and students to join us in building a community of Naturopathic Doctors who believe in and adhere to the practice of Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine. In building this community we seek to ensure all doctors within our community have been afforded the opportunity to learn or be reminded of:

  • the philosophy that guides the vitalistic approach
  • the clinical process that leads one to think like a Naturopathic Doctor
  • the clinical tools that allows one to practice like a Naturopathic Doctor

It is our desire to identify those doctors who practice Vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine to both the public and to other health care providers.

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