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Practical Medicine: Nervous System

Monday, August 14th, 2023 at 10:00am- 12pm Pacific/1:00-3:00pm Eastern


This 2 hour general CE session is designed to give participants a practical and clinical approach to the assessment and treatment of the nervous system. Neurology for both the beginner and advanced practitioner. Learn about clinical decision making while thinking as a Vitalistic Naturopathic Doctor. We will review “taking the case”, diagnostic tools and prescriptions that many patients will be taking. There will be an overview of common conditions and disorders that are seen from infancy to the elderly population. Neurological conditions can be cared for and treated by our vitalistic medicine. Come and learn how!

A. Purpose and direction of the course; (5 minutes)
-practical medicine:
-not a comprehensive course in neurology: common clinical medicine
-clinical decision making
-what is a physician? physicians of the past/future vs. American medicine
-ethics in medicine

B. A review of naturopathic theory: the patient not the disease, general treatment for all disease, vis medicatrix naturae (5 minutes)

C. A brief overview of neurology: function, dysfunction, diseases and treatment of brain and nerves
-nutrition and toxemia: fundamental bases of health and disease
-references: Merck Manual, Mitchell, Tilgner, Brincker, Clark, Dewey (10 minutes)

D: Assessment and Treatment (15 minutes)
-Physical Examination: review of tools
-Some specific considerations in assessment of the nervous system
-Pupillary response, tremor, X-ray & MTI, Pulse, Iris signs, EEG – when
-Medicines for the nervous system
-Botanicals: etc.
-Homeopathic: etc.
-Dry Needling: trigger point pain relief, local pain relief, nerve stimulation/anesthesia
-Physiotherapy and Laser
-Supplements and Glandulars
-Nutrients for nerve conduction

E. Common Conditions: (10 minutes)
-Anxiety (see VG talk May April 2023)
-Depression (see VG talk May April 2023)
-Dizziness and Vertigo
-Disorders of memory and dementia

F. Neurologic Disorders
-Headache (5 min)
-CVA/Stroke (5 minutes)
-Infection: meningitis (5 minutes)
-Seizure Disorders (5 minutes)
-Cranial Nerve Disorders (5 minutes)
-Trigeminal neuralgia/Facial nn paralysis
-Bell’s Palsy
-Movement Disorders (5 minutes)
-Peripheral Nervous System Disorders (5 minutes)
-Myasthenia Gravis

G. Inflammation and the nervous system (Vaccine damage) (5 minutes)
H. Seizure disorders: cured cases in children (5 minutes)
I. Demyelinating diseases (5 minutes)
J. Insomnia and narcolepsy: causes and treatments (5 minutes)
K. Headaches: tension, migraine, deficiency (10 minutes)
L. ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders: general approach to treatment: what to expect

M. *Immunization and ASD (5 minutes)
O. Brain Cancer (5 minutes)
P. Questions (10 minutes)

2.0 general CE hours approval through the Federation of Naturopathic Medicine Regulatory Authorities for the United States and Canada.