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The Recorded Vital Gathering IV

16 hours general CE, all 50 states (AANP and OBNM approved)

Includes Video, Audio and Handouts

Rick Kirschner, ND served as MC.

Instructors: Drs. Rick Kirschner, ND, VNMI; Jared Zeff, ND, VNMI; Letitia Dick-Kronenberg, ND, VNMI; Aviva Wertkin, ND, VNMI; Jim Sensenig, ND, VNMI; Charley Cropley, ND, VNMI; Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP, VNMI; Thomas Kruzel, ND, VNMI.

Overview of Sessions:

  • Opening Ceremonies: Dr. Jim Sensenig, Dr. Aviva Wertkin
  • Healthy Communication For Practitioners Part 1, Dr. Rick Kirschner
  • Healthy Communication For Practitioners Part 2, Dr. Rick Kirschner
  • Teaching Patients to Heal Psycho-Social-Spiritual Suffering, Dr. Charley Cropley
  • Expert Panel and Case Studies (All speakers)
  • Clinical Application of Naturopathic Physiotherapies, Drs. Jared Zeff and Letitia Dick-Kronenberg
  • Correcting Structural Concerns Without Spinal Manipulation, Drs. Jared Zeff, Letitia Dick-Kronenberg, Aviva Wertkin and Thomas Kruzel
  • Clinical Presentations Benefitting from Physical Manipulation, Dr. Thomas Kruzel
  • Iridology, Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg
  • Biodynamic Osteopathy in the Cranial Field: An Introduction, Dr. Jim Sensenig
  • Using a Diet Diary for Motivating Change, Dr. Mona Morstein
  • Evaluating and Correcting Physical and Emotional Signs that Affect Overall Health, Drs. Charley Cropley and Aviva Wertkin
  • Physician Perspectives on Fasting, Drs. Jared Zeff, Charley Cropley, and Letitia Dick-Kronenberg
  • Expert Panel Discussion (All speakers)
  • Bonding and Closing Ceremonies

Immediately on purchase, you will be able to view the videos and links to take the quizzes. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will be able to immediately download your CE Certificate.

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