Here you will find the links to watch all the Vital Gathering Recordings you have purchased.  Each Vital Gathering includes handouts, quizzes for CE and audio-only links in case you want to listen on the go.

Please do not share these…if you know someone who is interested, send them over to our recorded events page to purchase their own copy.

Vital Gathering I

Module 1 Vital Gathering I
Unit 1 Vital Gathering I: Recordings, Handouts and Quizzes

Vital Gathering II

Module 1 Vital Gathering II
Unit 1 Vital Gathering II: Recordings, Handouts and Quizzes

Vital Gathering III

Module 1 Vital Gathering III
Unit 1 Vital Gathering III: Recordings, Handouts and Quizzes

If any of the links above are not active, it means you did not purchase that particular session. Purchase here

Note: if you attended live or live streamed, you automatically should have access. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, so shoot us an email, attn: Eli in the subject line, and we will turn on access after verifying your attendance.