The Vital Gathering I presents clinical skills and decision making strategies based on an understanding of the philosophical and practical application of vitalistic Naturopathic Medicine. The information presented at this conference will show how the philosophical constructs of naturopathic medicine guide every decision a doctor makes. Attendees will build upon their existing skills and learn new strategies to dramatically improve their clinical expertise in treating people who suffer from complex chronic and sometimes debilitating illness.

2.5 day event, 9 Sessions, 14 hrs

Paradigms and World Views

  • The Interconnected world of the Vitalist and how it applies to every day clinical practice, diagnosis and the development of treatment plans.
  • The idea of paradigms and their creation – how to interface an understanding of philosophical constructs with clinical practice.

The Healing Power of Nature: An Introduction to the Vis Medicatrix Naturae

  • The universe as orderly, intelligent, and benign and the implication of this order as it applies to the development of “disease symptoms”.
  • Physical matter as an expression of energy/pattern and how to discern from the physical symptoms where the imbalance exists.
  • Dysfunctional as transitional state and the journey of the individual from experiencing symptoms to resolution of symptoms through re-establishment of balance.

The Unity of Disease, The Catechism of Nature Cure

  • Health as balance, disease as imbalance/adaptation and the relationship that exists. How a practitioner can navigate this spectrum of health – illness and understand at which point to intervene and at which point to allow the body to complete a healing process.
  • Adaptative changes necessary to maintain life – how the body establishes a balance so that it continues to exist and the difference between balance and health.
  • All such changes unique and individual – approaching each person as an individual with a unique expression, i.e. varying symptom pictures.
  • Acute disease as corrective/responsive – how to recognize and treat through various acute presentations.
  • Chronic disease as inadequate response – the long-term changes that become established as disease patterns. How to work back from serious illness to address the underlying cause of the symptom constellation.
  • Healing crisis/Disease crisis as state changes in dynamic equilibrium – understanding the mechanism and resolution the healing crises.

The Language of the Vital Force Part 1: Law of Similars.  Laws of Cure.

  • Healing as an orderly predictable process in a rational world and follows well-established laws of cure. A presentation of the laws of cure and how they manifest within the body along the continuum of health and disease.
  • Process is centrifugal and can be assisted – learning how to recognize the different stages of healing so that the appropriate treatments and stage of treatment can be logically applied.
  • Symptoms change in known patterns – a discussion of the different patterns of healing that present in the human being and how these patterns guide clinical decisions and treatment.

Panel Case Discussions

  • The Fellows use case presentations to illustrate the concepts covered in day 1 and ask the audience to apply the concepts acquired in solving each of the cases.
  • Case: How to Think Like an ND – the systematic approach of taking a new case and breaking it down, evaluating and prescribing based on the concepts contained within the philosophical constructs of Naturopathic Medicine.

The Language of the Vital Force Part 2: Minimum Dose. Dual Effect.

  • Elegance is in minimal intervention – in which the attendees are shown the graduating steps of intervention. From the least intervention which brings the maximum response, docs will be able to immediately apply these concepts to treatments used every day in practice.
  • Primary and secondary effects in biological systems predict outcomes – the effect studied by and understood by all health professionals. How a substance acts on the body and how the body acts on a substance.
  • Therapies inimical result in greater chaos and dysfunction. Discussion of those therapies that take an individual further from health and how to recognize when this has happened in a patient.
  • Ultimate effect on system is determined by therapeutic rationale. This is a discussion of why a therapy is chosen – what is the expected outcome versus a discussion of what is chosen as the therapeutic tool. It is the expected outcome that guides a Naturopathic Doctor in every clinical and therapeutic decision.

Therapeutic Rationale. Treatments in Conformity with the constructive principle in Nature.

  • Therapies to address effect of disease
  • Trophology: The science of feeding
  • Emunctorology: The science of elimination
  • Vitalogy: The Science of the Life Force
  • Physical medicine in conjunction with healing
  • Intention as a modality

The Science and Art in Medicine

  • What make science scientific?
  • Science vs. The Church: Is it a matter of Belief?
  • Is conventional medicine scientific?
  • Is naturopathic medicine scientific?
  • Are there limits to science in medicine?
  • The philosophical limits of scientific inquiry
  • Summation of the foundational value of an articulated world view in medicine
  • The role of experience

Case Discussion and Conference Conclusion

A final case presentation to bring in all the elements presented during the conference. Attendees will have a chance to demonstrate knowledge gained by breaking down the case step by step and explaining their thought process and clinical decision.

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