Thank you for your interest in The Vital Conversation, a groundbreaking, inspiring, and paradigm-shifting conference call featuring Naturopathic Physicians from around the world.

The call is live and unscripted every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 12pm Eastern/ 9am Pacific.

Call information is emailed every Tuesday and posted on the NMI Facebook page.

In general, calls are open to anyone who wishes to listen live. The recordings of each call are added to the Vital Conversation archives for ongoing access to NMI Associates. We do offer access to select Vital Conversation recordings (below).

This call began in 2016 and was hosted through Nov 2019 by Dr. Jim Sensenig, ND, VNMI (1948-2019). He featured many colleagues and guests from around the world. Dr. Sensenig passed peacefully in his sleep on Nov 29, 2019.

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Featured Vital Conversations (Free!)

April 8, 2020: Drs. Rick Kirschner and Hilary Andrews “Personal Responsibility and The Healing Power of Nature

Mar 25, 2020: Drs. Rick Kirschner and Thomas Kruzel ”Treating Viral Illness as a Vitalist

Dec 11, 2019: Tribute to Jim Sensenig, ND

Nov 13, 2019 VC: Sensenig and Crista: “Mold, mold, mold.

Sep 4, 2019 VC: Camp and Morstein “Avoiding Diet Extremism

March 13, 2019 VC: Sensenig and Cisar “The ABC’s of Therapeutic Intervention

Feb 13, 2019: Sensenig and Kirschner: “Vitalism Defined

Feb 7, 2018: Sensenig and Swope “Homeopathy is for Everyone

June 20, 2018 VC: Sensenig and Holcomb “How Medications Influenced Practice

July 18, 2018 VC: Zeff and Camp “Childhood Illnesses

Sept 5, 2018 VC: Sensenig and Zeff “Doctrine of Suppression

October 31, 2018 VC: Sensenig and Zeff “Herring’s Laws

November 14, 2018 VC: Sensenig and Wertkin “Dr Sensenig, The Interview

Dec 12, 2018 VC: Sensenig, Zeff, Dick-Kronenberg, Wertkin “A Message of Hope and Inspiration

Oct 4, 2017 VC: Sensenig “Infectious Disease Without Antibiotics or Vaccination” (2 hrs)