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The Ethics of Vaccine Safety Testing with Dr. Hilary Andrews

Live Webinar 28 Aug, 2019

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Last updated December 28, 2023

Hilary Andrews, ND

Dr. Andrews was born at the base of the Canadian Rockies into a family committed to nature and environmental conservation. Her parent’s raised her with a love of the earth and of animals and it is to that end that she became a naturopathic physician. She graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) with academic honors and was voted valedictorian by her fellow graduating

Her profound interest in optimizing childhood health and nutrition led her to examine the topic of immunizations. She began exploring this topic in-depth in 2004 and it soon became a passion of hers. She combined the scientific data regarding vaccines, the science of the body and her strong foundational knowledge of health from her naturopathic education to create an optimal approach to infectious disease. Since 2006 she has lectured extensively on the topic of immunizations and has created several CE courses on the subject.

Dr. Andrews has also served as an AANP House of Delegate representing Oregon and was Chair of the House Rules Committee under the AANP. More recently she began the most passionate job of her life; that of mommy. She and her naturopathic husband are the proud parents of an energetic, spirited you man. His life has strengthened her determination to help parents create the happiest, healthiest humans on the planet. She hopes that her passion for natural health is purely contagious, and that she serves as an inspiration.