Removing Obstacles to Cure… With Safe Natural Therapies

The Naturopathic Medicine Institute educates health care providers and the public in the vitalistic perspective of the true origins of health problems, focusing on practical and effective ways in which people can be empowered to regain and maintain optimal health.

For over 100 years, Naturopathic Physicians have taught their patients how sensible changes in their diet and lifestyle can allow them to reverse even the most severe disease processes.  Naturopathic Physicians can comprehend how chronic illnesses develop, when the vital forces that normally act to keep us well are weakened.  Using these insights, disease can be reversed by removing obstacles to cure – rather than using drugs to suppress symptoms, that are simply the outward manifestation of a more fundamental disturbance.  There are sensible ways for each of us to reinforce and enhance our innate ability to clear the toxins that undermine the restoration of health and to strengthen all the natural processes that normally maintain good health.

To support this paradigm-changing effort see the many ways you can contribute to the success of The Institute.

Our Vision

The Naturopathic Medicine Institute envisions a world where enjoying optimal health allows people to reach their highest potential for inspired creativity. It asserts that the highest ideal in health care must act in concert with the healing power of nature.

Our Goals

Every day, we work on informing the public and naturopathic physicians about safe, natural and effective therapies and remedies to treat the body, mind, emotions and spirit. And, we want to do more.

Nutrition for Kids

We know that children are the future and keeping them healthy now is vitally important. That’s why we started development of the Nutrition for Kids program. It is an opportunity to teach children and parents how to eat healthy and support normal, healthy growth and development for kids. With the rising rates of childhood obesity and diabetes, it’s never too soon to get started.

Inspired Learning 

Oftentimes, a remedy for an illness or minor trauma can be found in your own kitchen or medicine cabinet. However, many people have lost their household knowledge of how to care for themselves for minor illnesses. Our Elder Vitalistic Naturopathic Doctors actively share with the public the numerous ways people can care for themselves at home. Their decades of successful treatments gives people the confidence needed to powerfully engage in their own healing care.

Centers of Excellence

Hospitals are quick to offer medications or surgeries with many side effects or risks. People don’t always want what they have to offer. There are other options.

By supporting Clinical Centers of Excellence the Institute will demonstrate the effectiveness of Naturopathic Medicine to treat challenging chronic health problems, in settings where graduate physicians and apprentices learn to achieve their fullest potential as healers.

Training Doctors in Healthcare NOT Sickcare

Instead of pills and surgeries that suppress symptoms, we have courses for naturopathic medical students and post-graduate programs for doctors to learn how to use the elements from Nature to heal. Correctly using the clinical application of herbs, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, detoxification, and more are all part of a well-trained physician’s repertoire of natural healing modalities. Therefore, we strive to train residents on how to successfully use these modalities.

Present Day Needs

At this critical juncture, what the Naturopathic profession needs most is residencies and Centers of Excellence that will raise the profile of naturopathic medicine to make the curative treatments it can offer more accessible and more widely accepted.  While the naturopathic medical schools provide a good basic four-year education in naturopathic medicine, the profession has limited opportunities for internships and residencies.  Many graduates of these schools would benefit enormously from the mentoring and development of their skills.

There is a better proven way, but it needs financial support to be realized.

This is your opportunity to help shift the way we think about health care in America!

The Naturopathic Medicine Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization that recognizes that the highest ideal in medicine arises from the healing power of nature. Donations to the Naturopathic Medicine Institute are tax- deductible.