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Welcome to the NMI learning library where you can discover vitalistic, naturopathic medicine and the innate healing power of nature and of the human body.

We have curated the teachings of our elders to share with you to help you understand an ancient and powerful paradigm of healing. One where we understand that the goal of medicine is to help people establish a healthy state so that the body does not need to produce symptoms of illness. We have audio recordings, videos, articles, downloadable handouts and much more. This is a growing collection and material is added every month. 

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Audio Chats with the Elders

Courses from our VNMI and FNMI Associates

1, 2, 3 Homeopathy! with Dr. Eli Camp

An excellent place to start or refresh your knowledge of homeopathy. This course is for home practitioners, physicians just getting started or looking to refresh their skills, and other medical practitioners interested in homeopathy. Regardless of skill level, participants in this recorded video course will be able to start using homeopathic remedies in their daily lives and clinical practice.

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