Biotherapeutic drainage


Dr. Robert Abell shares his 30+ years of clinical experience using this methodology for draining the body of intracellular toxins.

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Our modern world poses many challenges to maintaining a healthy body, mind and emotions. Dr. Robert Abell will review the use of homeopathic single and combination remedies, plant based remedies and nutrients which support the body in ridding itself of intracellular accumulated toxins.

Thursday, April 27th, 2023

7:30- 8:00am Registration

8:00- 12:00pm Morning lectures Day 1
12:00- 1:00pm  LUNCH
1:00-5:00pm Afternoon lectures Day 1

Friday, April 28th, 2023

8:00- 12:00pm Morning lectures Day 2
12:00- 1:00pm  LUNCH
1:00-5:00pm Afternoon lectures Day 2


    A. The Natural Medicine Charter
    1. The Nine Principles of Natural Medicine
    2. Aphorisms of Natural Medicine
    3. The Four Pillars of Health
    B. Eliminations & Drainage
    1. Toxins
    2. Drainage of Toxins
    3. Homotoxicology
    C. Homeopathic Medicine
    1. Homeopathy vs. Allopathy
    2. The Method
    3. Homeopathy = Terrain Medicine
    4. Practicing Homeopathy
    A. Introduction to Biotherapeutic Drainage
    B. What is Biotherapeutic Drainage?
    C. Patient Evaluation of the Terrain
    D. Why is Drainage so Important?
    A. History
    B. How they work
    C. Why are they used
    D. 5 Stages of Drainage
    E. Synoptic Chart
    F. UNDA 1-12 ORGAN & SYSTEMIC complexes
    G. UNDA 14-16 TUBERCULINIC complexes
    H. UNDA 17-50 FUNCTIONAL complexes
    I. UNDA 74-1002 DRAINAGE complexes
  4. Gemmotherapy (3 hours)

A. Origins and History
B. Constituents of Gemmotherapy
C. Gemmotherapy vs. Phytoembryotherapy
D. Why do we use Plant Buds?
E. 18 Major Buds
F. The 30 Specific Buds

5. Oligo-elements (2 hours)
A. Description and Uses
B. Macro-Elements
C. Essential Trace Elements
D. Non-Essential Olio-Elements

6. The Twelve Schuessler Salts (1 hour)
A. Introduction
B. 12 Salts explained


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