The Naturopathic medical profession is unique in the way that it combines modern scientific methods with an understanding of natural law. This view of health care has been gleaned from hundreds of years of clinical experience worldwide. Naturopathy emphasizes the interplay of physical, biochemical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual factors that uniquely influence each individual’s state of health and susceptibility to disease. Our focus is on understanding the underlying causes of an individual’s susceptibility to illness and educating people to choices they can make to regain and maintain health and freedom from illness.

Naturopathic Medicine has historically championed freedom of medical choice, which has been especially important for a medical tradition that is distinct from the dominant medical system. This freedom is protected by American tradition as well as medical ethics, many state licensing boards, and international treaty obligations, including the Nuremberg Conventions. Such obligations entitle all persons to informed consent for any treatment they are asked to receive.

Our professional principles are not beholden to the pharmaceutical-based view of healthcare, but, rather, to the natural laws that govern our ability to self-heal.  Our principles give us a more comprehensive perspective as well as unparalleled diagnostic and therapeutic advantages because it allows us an uninhibited ability to objectively and subjectively review each patient’s situation on an individual basis.

Having thoroughly reviewed the science that informs the SARS Coronavirus-19 vaccines, in conjunction with a review of naturopathic physicians’ clinical experience treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and patients experiencing adverse symptoms after being vaccinated, our recommendations are as follows:

  • We are opposed to any mandatory vaccinations against SARS Coronavirus-19.
  • We strongly support the use of vitalistic naturopathic therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of this viral illness.

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