Ethics of Prescribing with Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh: Mental Health Drugs and Biologics

This is the conclusion to the Pharmacy Series looking at the ethical considerations of prescribing mental health drugs and their consequences. Prescribers—and de-prescribers—are you acutely aware of iatrogenesis? Iatrogenic disease literally means illness caused by medical exam or treatment and is the third (first, by some estimations) leading cause of death in the United States. Whether you like the drugs or not, write for the drugs or not, your patients are taking them! As naturopathic doctors, our 1st principle is “First, Do No Harm”. While herbs, physical manipulations, homeopathy, and any other modality we employ have the potential to cause harm, prescription drugs out-potential them all. The misuse of this one particular treatment option that is within the scope of many practicing NDs can be absolutely devastating. You can learn more about Dr. Fleetwood at Monarch Natural Medicine.

Webinar, 2 hours. $45

Session Outline:

  • Introduction, history; OANP/BU instruction
  • DSM IV→V and bipolar II, indications for use, MMD/stress overlay
  • Anti-depressants, BLACK BOX WARNINGS, mechanisms of action, clinical trials, and subsequent disease states caused by those drugs
  • Anxiolytics and the subsequent disease states caused by those drugs
  • Sleep agents and the subsequent disease states caused by those drugs
  • “Mood stabilizers”: anti-seizure drugs and anti-psychotics; BLACK BOX WARNINGS, mechanisms of action, clinical trials, and subsequent disease states caused by those drugs
  • Biologics; common and less common side effects, emotional pull, why families won’t sue, antibiotics prescribed concomitantly; “First, Do No Harm”
  • Q & A

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This aired on VC Oct 3, 2018.